Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foundation Single Crochet

I discovered this unique foundation stitch as an alternative to beginning a pattern with a chain stitch.  Otherwise known as “chainless crochet”, this technique allows impatient, tight tension crocheters such as myself to complete a chain stitch and one row of single crochets in one.

Keeping a Yarn Scrapbook

So, I have a lot of yarn, like a whole room full from different stores and yarn websites.  Some special yarns I buy on sale one skein at a time, then after creating some special, forget what kind of yarn it was and where I got it.  So, I have created a Yarn Scrapbook.

You can create a Yarn Scrapbook or Bulletin Board to keep a record of your favorite yarns.  Here's what you will need:
  1. A journal or spiral notebook
  2. A scrap of your yarn
  3. Tape to secure it or staples
  4. The label, including yardage, gauge, recommended hook or needle, and laundering instructions. 
  5. Description of items you have made with this yarn
Meld your love of yarn and scrapbooking by embellishing your book.  Have fun and share pictures of your scrapbook or bulletin board.