Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Owl Eye Glass and Accessory Case
Morocco Owl has eyes for you! Stylish glasses case for classy lady. 

Made with a Size D (3.25 mm) Hooks and Sportweight #2 cotton. 
Pattern Only - is written in US English. Has a photo tutorial at crucial portions, but is for the intermediate crocheter. 

This is a guaranteed stash buster, use up those scraps you can't bear to throw away.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Redecorate with Karmic Mandala Placemats

Karmic Mandala Placemats

Mandalas! In some religions mandalas are a geometric figure representing the universe, or in psychology they can be a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. This design craze is perfect for crocheters who are looking to stretch their skills.
Placemats are full of pictures at each step of design to check your work. Project is geared towards intermediate.
As a fellow crocheter, don’t you get frustrated when you buy a pattern and it looks nothing like the photo, there are no stitch counts to check your work, the directions are confusing or the only yarn you can use to complete the project is expensive and unavailable?
My store Part Pixy, and my Etsy sidekick, Karmic Kitty Crochet are here to spread Peace, Love, and Crochet to all.
My commitment to YOU is the following:
You will receive the following with your purchase: at least 15 pictures*
Standard crochet instructions using American abbreviations 
Pictures as you work to check your progress and guide you through the project 
Written pattern that has sustained countless hours of revisions and editing for optimum accuracy. 
Accurate stitch counts 
A great finished product and the admiration of those you share your craft with! 
Free stuff! at the end of every pattern there’s an opportunity for a free one. 
This is a guaranteed stash buster, use up those scraps you can’t bear to throw away.
Requires: Worsted Yarn, size H (5.00 mm) hook,
I redecorated for summer, placing these on an otherwise drab table, and something dreamy and universe-encompassing happened! Find your own inner crochet guru and spread some Peace, Love, and Crochet today!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Easter Egg Bunny Pattern

Good Morning from the big, beautiful state of Texas.  Last night we had to train my awesome dog Gravity (I'm a physics teacher, have another dog named Zero....get it....nothing like yelling out the door "Zero, Gravity", when calling them inside).  But I digress.  So "G" has taken up the bad habit of playing keep away with the yarn (jealous perhaps of my habit).  We are letting him know in the picture that we "own" the yarn.  And here he is in his adorable majesty being a very good boy by leaving the yarn alone.  Now I need to find my lint roller.

So Spring is here in Texas, the blue bonnets are almost in bloom, and here is Easter Egg Bunny pattern.  Happy Saturday everyone.
You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry, Craftsy, or Etsy.