Saturday, February 6, 2016

World Amigurumi Art Exihibit Featuring Karmic Kitty

Oh my jeepers! My Karmic Kitty is being featured at the World Amigurumi Art Exhibit in Chi-Chi NYC! This cat has my tongue, because I'm speechless!

I've never been to New York, but my kitty is classy enough to hang with the "Cool Cats".  Find the pattern here.  And support Crochet Artists!  Peace, Love, Crochet <3

Confessions of a Create-a-holic

Peace, Love, and Crochet!  to you from Part Pixy.  There's been a lot of "love" and "crochet", but not much peace these past few months as my husband's new job has taken him out of town, and after my "alter ego science-teacher-gig", I land comfortably on the couch with Netflix cued and surrounded myself with  yarn bags... ready to create.

The elusive peace, while ultimately a gift from God for everyone to simply remember and receive...well, you see, I haven't been doing much "being" lately.  A great deal of doing, searching for trends, seeing what customers might be interested in, and forgetting that my unique niche is mine, and not to be copied from someone else.  And remember, YOUR unique niche is your STYLE.  Sure, I love searching color combinations and fashion trends, but only I....and only YOU....can add that magic, God-inspired touch that makes an item uniquely yours.

So, that elusive Peace is back, and here's the Aimlessly Asymmetrical Sweater Vest that emerged from my nimble fingers.  Enjoy!  <3 Part Pixy
Aimlessly Asymmetrical Sweater Vest Pattern