Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sometimes inspiration doesn't come until you start a project.  Sometimes you just have to keep stitching, keep crocheting, and then the inspiration will strike.  In those "off" times you can find new sources for ideas from exploring http://www.etsy.com/  .  Type in crochet and see where it takes you.

You Tube offers another avenue of inspiration; patterns and stitches are shown by many different crafters.  The like above shows how to make a Puff Stitch Hat.  While my least favorite stitch to do, it makes up very nicely. 

Yarn Bargains

My favorite yarns are from Hobby Lobby.  At the top of my list is "I Love This Cotton", both for the hand feel and variety of colors.  It is a smaller gauge than the "I Love This Yarn", so you may need to use a hook a size larger. 

Another favorite haunt of mine is http://www.herrschners.com/emails/es_030811.asp?sourcecode=9118165&link=1&email=1327393

The above link is their Fat Tuesday Sale.  What makes Herrschners a great online resource for yarn shoppers is their search methods, where you may search by weight.  Here's my search for #2 weighted yarn: 

Also, their menu offers simple navigation because it has a "Yarn" option.  Herrschners sells some yarns in bulk, has a nice catalog, and offers the online shopper and opportunity to try new fibers.  Thank you Herrschners!  If only they would take the second R out of their name.  :) 

In Texas, summertime is my "winter" (indoors) season, because I'm a frail flower who melts in the heat.  Springtime is my project planning time.  Happy shopping! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Headbands for Spring Thaw

It's still chilly in the morning and evenings here, so headbands are a perfect solution to keep those ears warm.  These headbands are luxurious in their comfort because they are made with the softest of yarns with double thickness yarn.  Rose headband is shown above. Wear inside or outside!  

Pair with handwarmers. 

Vanilla Cream Headband:

Byzantium Purple Headband

Alaskan Tundra Headband

all available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/needlemaven

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