Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Freebie

After working out some kinks, in this pattern, I'm making it available for free. Yup, its a freebie to celebrate our freedom as a country. Cheesy, I know. The pattern uses Iced Bamboo #3 Crochet Thread (a thicker crochet thread you should really try), but I've made a creamy vanilla version using Sinfonia yarn (Available at Hobby Lobby).


  1. Hello. Love ur cute stuff! I can't seem to find this pattern. Can you show me or please send to ? Thank you. I look 4ward to trying ur stuff and seeing ur future creations!

  2. Hi Cori- Thanks! Unfortunately, this pattern is not offered as a freebie anymore, but is available for purchase here as a two pattern combo:


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