Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crochet Superheroes

Let's hear it for moms and grandmoms all over the world who lovingly pass down the art of needlework to future generations.

My mom sat me on her knee at 8 years old and wouldn't let me get up until I learned the basics of crochet.  This art I've carried with me for many years now, and passed it along to others.  Its started friendships, sparked conversations with random people at stores, and touched lives of people who I may never meet as handmade creations donated to the less fortunate.

I guess I crochet with a vengeance as my husband says I have an intense look on my face whenever a hook is in my hand.  There's many great organization where a little handmade item will go a long way to show someone cares.

Here's a compiled list of some organizations:
Be a superhero today!  Peace, Love, Crochet, 

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